The Fashion Trend of 2016 That You Won't Want To Miss: Crystal Amulet Necklaces

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We're fast approaching the summer months of 2016, and by now we have seen a recurring trend in a category which we like to call "functional jewelry." If you're thinking of jewelry that doubles as a bottle opener or multi tool, think again! 

We're talking about high fashion healing crystal amulet necklaces. Not only do they look incredible, but they serve a bigger purpose. Simply put, these crystal amulets have origins in the spiritual healing space, where they are said to have metaphysical energy within. The energy that a quartz crystal radiates is said to be that of clarity and calmness. 

But do they work? A quick google search for "healing crystals" renders about 5.9 million results, which in of itself could be a good indicator of the community that surrounds it. In an article by Well and Good, Melinda Holm, a healer turned jeweler states that after making a piece for a client, she received an email back from the client stating that  "a solution to a communication issue that had been troubling her family came to her."

Whether you seek spiritual healing or high fashion, its a no-brainer as to why these necklaces have become as popular as they are. You surely don't want to miss out on this look! If you've got an amulet of your own, and would like to shed some light on your experience thus far, sound off in the comments below. Otherwise, feel free to browse through our selection of Crystal Necklaces.

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