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Moldavite (Tektites) Rough - A Mysterious Stone 14.7 Million Years Old 

  • Offering multiple shapes and sizes - priced accordingly
  • You will get the EXACT specimen you choose
  • Note: photos show the front and back of an individual specimen 

Moldavite – a mysterious stone 14.7 million years old, being rumored to carry fortune to its owner. The stone's origins is circled in enigmas and a lot of theories. One of them describes a fall of huge body of several cubical kilometers bulk. Upon impact there arose a gigantic explosion comparable with multiple hydrogen bomb, atmosphere split and Moldavites (tektites) were spawned within an emerged vacuum bubble.

Moldavites are colored in miscellaneous tints of green from light green, to bright green, bottle-green, olive green, and from brown green to brown. These are rough specimens, and their shapes are diverse and weird – discs, balls, oval, drops, sticks, cylindrical, and irregular fragments.   

You will have to agree, it is a most unusual stone. 


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