King Tut's Blade is From Outer Space

King Tut's Meteorite Blade

It appears that King Tutankhamen's tomb is still revealing really cool secrets; much like our dog tag, the blade the famous Pharaoh was entombed with is made of a meteorite. In May 2016 a group of researchers published a scientific journal which revealed their findings concluding that the blade's metallic composition is of meteoric origin. Furthermore, the blade isn't the only artifact in the boy king's tomb which has spacial origins. It appears that his necklace features a Libyan desert glass amulet. The glass is made when a metoerite or comet collides with the silica sand, melting the sand into glass. 

Ask anyone to name an Egyptian Pharaoh, and the most likely response to come from their mouth will be "King Tut." This is for good reason too; his tomb which was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter is one of the best preserved and most decorated tombs ever to be discovered. You can read more details about the discovery and King Tut on the Discovery News Subsidiary Seeker.

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