Big Bang Pistol Set Made From Gibeon Meteorite

By Kevin Serrato - Magic Mountain Gems

We've been working with Gibeon Meteorite for 25yrs and have never seen anything like this. The team at Cabot Guns have made a matching right and left handed 1911 semi-automatic pistol set. For only $4.5 million, you can pistol shame your cartel buddies who are still packing the 1990's retro gold set. 

What is most impressive is that these are fully functioning pistols and not just display replicas. Kudos to the guy who took the first shot. I'm no gun expert, but meteorites are not a perfectly homogenous metal like you'd find in a typical gun. They have inclusions and cracks that you often cannot see. The engineers at Cabot must of spent hours and consumed a ton of material trying to find good clean pieces to make the parts.  Its obvious they milled the parts and did not melt the material down and then cast the parts because the Widmanstatten pattern is still present. This pattern, which is unique to meteorites is destroyed at very high, red hot temperatures. 

We are glad to see that Cabot went with Gibeon instead of the more common and less stable Mounionalusta meteorite. The two meteorites are almost indistinguishable in appearance, but Gibeon is more stable when it comes to rusting. It is also more valuable and harder to find. Mounionalusta has more inclusions which is probably another another reason for Cabot's Gibeon selection. 

Great job, Cabot. It is really cool to see a team attempt a high risk challenge and find success. 

Check them out at Cabot's Site 

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