Faceted Gibeon Meteorite Necklace in Sterling Silver Square Setting

Add some dimension to your collection! We took the very rare Gibeon meteorite and cut it like a diamond to reveal a new perspective on the WIdmanstatten pattern. This unique, faceted Gibeon Meteorite stone is set in .925 sterling silver, square bezeled setting.  Offered on 22 inch sterling silver chain with lobster claw clasp and adjustable chain length - simply pull!   

  • 0.75 inch square shaped pendant 
  • Pendant weighs 8.7 grams 
  • Pendant and chain together weigh 11.6 grams
  • 22-inch sterling silver chain with lobster claw clasp and adjustible length feature

The Gibeon Meteorite History:

Collision with earth is estimated to be 200-400 million years ago in the Gibeon area of Namibia, Africa during prehistoric times. Found in 1836 by a British explorer, Captain J.E. Alexander, although natives were familiar with these "metal rocks" for hundreds of years. Estimated, by radiometric dating, to be 4 billion years old and thought to be debris from an exploding super nova.

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