Green Turquoise from Patagonia, Arizona U.S.A in an Oval Sterling Silver Setting

Turquoise is valued by its matrix pattern, color, hardness, and by origin. The most valuable turquoise always came from Iran, but the turquoise mined in the American Southwest is now known as one of the most valuable in the world. This piece is from Patagonia, Arizona.

A unique, green turquoise cabochon is set in a .925 Sterling Silver pendant and will make a statement of your fashion savvy. This stone's green turquoise color, with its brown matrix, is a hallmark of the turquoise mined in the Patagonia area, and is popular among collectors and those seeking rare and exciting jewelry.

  • 10.2 grams (0.36 ounces)
  • Oval shaped setting measuring 1.7 x 0.71 x 0.37 inches  (43.6 x 18.0 x 9.4 mm)
  • Turquoise mined in Patagonia, Arizona U.S.A.
  • .925 Sterling Silver setting/stamped
  • Perfect for a sterling silver chain or choker

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