Perfect Fourth Of July At the Beach - Celtic Knots Design Sarongs in 5 Colors

  • 62" x 42" Rectangle
  • 100% Rayon 
  • Ideal for beachwear cover up
  • Perfect for summertime casual wear - anytime, anyplace
  • Can be worn as a sarong dress or sarong skirt
  • Recommend hand washing in cold water.  
    • Just swish in some cold water with mild detergent, rinse, squeeze out water (don't twist) 
    • Drip dry - dries perfectly without the need to iron  
  • Made in Bali, Indonesia   

There are so many uses for sarongs.  They can be used as a long or short skirt, a wrap dress, or a shawl on cool windy days. Many people use them as curtains, scarves, wall hangings, table covers, a bathing suit cover-up, and anything else you can dream of!  Sarongs are rectangular shaped, so you have the option of wearing your sarong in a variety of ways.  

Here is an example of how to tie your sarong into a skirt or dress: 

  • Wrap the sarong around your body (waist, hips, chest).
  • Grab two corners of the sarong and create a "tie" by pulling the ends vertically, then knot the tie and pull the ends horizontally (knot again to secure).
  • Fluff out the tie to make sure that the right side of the fabric shows and that the knot looks good.
  • The tie can be at the front, back, or side (ends may be tucked underneath).
  • After you tie the sarong you may select to pin the gap or you may choose to leave it open for a more casual or seductive appeal.
  • Adjusting the length is as simple as folding the sarong in half for desired length, then tie.

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