Pink Peruvian Opal Bead Strands - Various Sizes of Capsule Cut Beads

For the discerning jewelry maker - Pink Peruvian Opals capsule cut beads are a dream to work with in any jewelry design. 


  • Sold by individual strand
  • Strands are made of 57 Natural Peruvian Opal gemstone beads
    • 29 - 3.5 mm drum style beads
    • 28 - 10.5 mm capsule style beads
    • 0.5 mm hole size
  • Please note strands MMG-006D-0115 and MMG-006E-0115 have 55 beads (28 - 3.5 mm drum style beads and 27 - 10.5 mm capsule style beads)
  • Excellent opaque pink color 
  • Varies from solid pink beads to beads showing the stone's matrix and inclusions  

See Full Listing for Individual strand photos

What are Peruvian Pink Opals?

Peruvian pink opal is relatively rare and is only found in the Andes Mountains near San Patricio, Peru. Pink Opal is a mixture of opal, palygorskite and minor chalcedony. The pink opal derives its color from trace amounts of included organic compounds known as quinones.

These Peruvian opals range from opaque to translucent, and depending on how the stone is cut, the color will either be clear or show the stone’s matrix and inclusions. Peruvian opal is also known as Andean opal.

  • Birthstone for October
  • Lucky stone for Libra
  • Anniversary gemstone for the 14th wedding anniversary

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