Libyan Gold Tektite (Libyan Desert Glass) Beaded Necklace - 20 inches Long
Libyan Gold Tektite (Libyan Desert Glass) Beaded Necklace - 20 inches Long Libyan Gold Tektite (Libyan Desert Glass) Beaded Necklace - 20 inches Long Libyan Gold Tektite (Libyan Desert Glass) Beaded Necklace - 20 inches Long

Libyan Gold Tektite (Libyan Desert Glass) Beaded Necklace - 20 inches Long

$ 256.50

Our Libyan Desert Glass Necklaces are not made with your typical tumbled glass beads. These tumbled glass beads come from the Libyan Desert and were literally made when a comet hit the desert sand at such unimaginable temperatures that it instantly created glass. Estimates are that these tumbled glass beads are over 29 million years old!  Like I said, not your typical beaded necklace!  

We are offering several different lengths as well as matching bracelets. So check them out. Pricing is based on weight. 


  • The transparent-to-translucent tumbled beads that vary from clear-to-opaque white or yellow-to-green in color.  
  • Approximate measurement
    • 20 inches long
    • 51.3 grams (1.8 ounces)
    • Bead size from 4 mm to 9 mm
    • Silver colored lobster claw clasp

    Pueblo's Keep is proud to share this treasure that we discovered at the 2016 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show from one of our international contacts.  


    Libyan Desert Glass is also known as Libyan Gold Tektite (from the Greek word tektos, meaning molten). It is a naturally occurring glass made of silica (silicon dioxide), and generally found in the Libyan Desert - the Western Desert of west Egypt. Scientific research, based on the traces of iridium found on the glass, seems to conclude that the glass was formed as a result of a natural meteor impact sometimes in the distant past, or as a result of a comet impact. The fission track dates of the glass indicate that it is at least 29 million years old (New Scientist). 


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